Thursday, July 13, 2017

These companies are practising what they preach with diverse workplaces - IRISH EXAMINER

Originally published: July 12, 2017

DIVERSITY and inclusion: it’s undeniably a hot topic in business today, but is it just a nice corporate way of saying, “Look at us, we’re progressive, we care!” or is there an on-the-ground impact? To find out more, I spoke to eBay’s Rhonda Doyle about the company’s recent Diversity and Inclusion report, and how it plays out in practice.

In Ireland, eBay can certainly stand over its gender diversity; where the global breakdown is 68% men and 32% women, here the staff is 53% female. I wondered if this was due to the nature of the work, which is primarily customer services.

“Our customer support would be a large portion of what we have on site,” says Doyle, “But actually we have a lot of other roles too — HR, content writers, project management, and technical roles as well, and even in our tech teams we have a lot of gender diversity.”