Monday, July 17, 2017

Why Houston companies should be investing in gender diversity - HOUSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL

by Gail Stalarow 
Originally published: July 13, 2017

Gender diversity in the workforce is a topic you see covered almost daily in the news and with good reason. Women make up roughly half of the world’s population, yet they are still underrepresented in the workplace, accounting for roughly a third of all employees globally and less than a quarter of management positions. And while gender diversity in the workforce is an important social issue of our time, companies and individual investors need to realize that it’s also simply good business.

While gender diversity has been a hot-button topic centered around the idea of equality in our workforce, new research suggests that it can also have a positive impact for the companies who make it a priority. A growing body of evidence has found that a company’s percentage of female employees is positively correlated with its return on equity.