Thursday, July 6, 2017

Women grapple with Silicon Valley's bro culture - DW

by Lindsey Rae Gjording
Originally published: July 5, 2017

Abuse towards women is rife in Silicon Valley's macho culture. Meanwhile just 7 per cent of cash goes directly towards women-led startups based in the main US IT hub. So, why aren't women a larger driving force in Tech? 

In Silicon Valley, the breeding ground for American startups, companies are facing renewed scrutiny as women continue to come forward with their experiences of abuse in the workplace. Among the companies recently under fire are Uber, Twitter, Apple, Oracle, Google and Tesla. As if that isn't evidence enough, surveys conducted with women working in Silicon Valley startups report that 60 percent of women experience harassment in the workplace, highlighting the need for a dramatic cultural makeover.

From sexual harassment and unwanted touching to discrimination and retaliation, stories of women subjected to various types of abuse are surfacing at an alarming rate. Of the 200 people surveyed nearly two-thirds of women said they experienced unwanted sexual advances at work, often from superiors.