Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The 11 Most Absurd Sentences From That Google Manifesto - BUSTLE

by Seth Millstein 
Originally published: August 8, 2017
Publisher: Bustle.com 

A Google employee recently wrote a 10-page document criticizing his employer's pro-diversity initiatives, and that document caused a stir after it went viral over the weekend. Many on the right have praised it, and one company even offered its author a job. But make no mistake: the Google anti-diversity manifesto contains some absurd quotes. Ultimately, Google fired the employee after he wrote it and sent it out.

The screed — which the company itself has disowned and criticized — presents itself as a level-headed, non-ideological assessment of workplace culture, complete with footnotes and sentences like, "psychological safety is built on mutual respect and acceptance." But beneath that linguistic elegance are precisely the same arguments the right has been using for years to discredit feminism. Those arguments, like the bulk of the Google manifesto, rely on a combination of factually unsupported claims about gender and the equally-ungrounded belief that things are already basically fair between genders, so any further social tinkering is tantamount to "discrimination."