Friday, August 11, 2017

The Future Of The World Is At Stake - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Anna Shen 
Originally published: August 9, 2017

Consider the 3,300-word anti-diversity “Google manifesto” published last Friday by James Damore, a white male engineer at the company, who argued women are not able to perform tech jobs because of their biology. Damore wrote that women are held back from leadership and jobs that are stressful because they are neurotic and not assertive. A global uproar ensued, the news made front page headlines worldwide, and he was fired Monday night. Sadly, his scathing comments show how deeply embedded discrimination remains in the world’s tech capital.

Women — and women representing females in technology — are outraged, but not surprised because discrimination against women is so pervasive that it has become normalized and is often brushed off. Adriana Gascoigne, founder of the nonprofit Girls in Tech, with 60,000 members in 60 cities and 36 countries, called Damore’s statements “toxic, driven by emotion and not logic, and simply 100 percent wrong.” She added that sadly, “He used pseudo science to make his argument sound ‘academic’ when he broke down the biological aspects of being a woman versus a man.”