Friday, August 4, 2017

This Facebook Exec Is on a Mission to Make the Company More Inclusive…And It’s Working - LATINA

by Corinne Cole 
Originally published: August 2, 2017

hen most of us think of the people behind Facebook, we think of a bunch of white guys. And, we’re right. The tech giant, along with most other Silicon Valley firms is largely homogenous. But, Facebook, realizing they had a lack-of-diversity problem, and the negative impact that would have on the company as a whole (how helpful is it to have only one perspective?) decided to fix it. Enter Maxine Williams, who, as Global Director of Diversity is leading the charge to increase the number of women, African Americans, and Latinx on staff through recruiting initiatives and programs to make existing staff aware of inherent biases.

We chatted with Williams on why this was so important to FB, and her.