Friday, August 11, 2017

White Men Still Have All the Power. They're Just Terrified They're about to Lose It. - ELLE

by Sady Doyle
Originally published: August 9, 2017

The human species excels at causing pain. The annals of history are littered with elaborate and hideous tortures we've invented for each other—waterboarding, "the blood eagle," death by a thousand cuts. And yet in the end, there's possibly nothing more painful than being forced to listen to your white, male co-worker expound on "diversity."

The world got to test this hypothesis over the weekend, when Google employee James Damore's 10-page manifesto on evolutionary psychology, political correctness, and workplace sensitivity (among other things; look, it's a crowded screed) leaked via Motherboard and Gizmodo. The agony—it's not quite "being eaten alive by fire ants," but it's close.

The aggrieved Damore alleged that Google had become "psychologically unsafe" for him and his colleagues, due to its unwillingness to consider women's natural inferiority. He claimed that women are biologically more prone to "neuroticism" and stress than men, less willing to make the personal sacrifices that leadership positions require, and, of course, more interested in "feelings and aesthetics" than "ideas" or "things." Code, both an idea and a thing, is thus unsuited for the fragile and feelings-y female brain.