Monday, September 11, 2017

4 keys to unlocking more inclusive smart cities - ECONOMIC TIMES

by Chris Penrose 
Originally published: September 7, 2017

Imagine a city where a person in a wheelchair can chart a route to the local park using curb cuts and avoiding barriers. She can then connect to the park’s Wi-Fi, receive upcoming events notifications, and take e-lessons about the trees and flowers in bloom.

These aren’t pipe dreams. They are smart city solutions in action – aspiring to use technology to put people first. And the sooner we can realize these aspirations, the better. In the top 100 metropolitan areas of the United States, nearly 25% of citizens are over the age of 65 or living with disabilities.The Internet of Things (IoT) can help advance more inclusive, accessible cities so our aging population can enjoy a better quality of life.

There are four keys to unlocking smart cities to advance more equitable and positive outcomes for people who are aging and people living with disabilities.