Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Ways You Can Create a More Inclusive Workplace Immediately -- and Why You Should - ENTREPRENEUR

by Frans Johansson 
Originally published: September 18, 2017

Between President Donald Trump, Uber and Google, diversity and inclusion issues have dominated the headlines recently. In response, companies like Facebook, Lyft and Netflix have released their diversity numbers -- though what exactly these companywide figures mean is still very much a guessing game. As many as 150 CEOs from some of the largest companies in the U.S. have publicly committed to diversity and inclusion efforts, pledging to "foster more open discussion about race and gender in the workplace." Hiring, compensation and promotion practices are under fierce scrutiny, and many companies are scrambling to get ahead of the issues before they become tomorrow's headline.

In all of this, gender and race have become the defining and, in some cases, divisive factors for diversity. Of course, these factors do matter; gender and race do shape how one thinks, in addition to their experience, background, expertise, education, hobbies and interests, etc. Some factors are more obvious than others, so hiring practices skew toward what's discernible. But, the fact is that diversity is little more than a checkbox without an inclusive culture.