Monday, September 25, 2017

Company’s ban against gay weddings is akin to ‘white applicants only’ sign, judge says - WASHINGTON POST

by Kyle Swenson 
Originally published: September 22, 2017

A Minnesota couple skirmishing on the front lines of the culture war over a business’s right to say no to same-sex marriage clients suffered a setback this week.

In December 2016, Carl and Angel Larsen, owners of videography company, Telescope Media Group, targeted the state in a lawsuit challenging a provision in Minnesota’s Human Rights Act outlawing discrimination. This week, Chief U.S. District Court John Tunheim dismissed the case, ruling that the Larsens’ wish to turn down same-sex clients was “conduct akin to a ‘White Applicants Only’ sign,” according to the Star Tribune.

Despite the ruling, the issue is not likely to fade away soon. The St. Cloud couple’s attorney has indicated that the Larsens plan to appeal the ruling. But on a larger scale, the same powerhouse conservative group driving the litigation has a similar case heading for the U.S. Supreme Court.