Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fewer Than 50% Of Executives Believe Their Organizations Clearly Define Diversity; Even Fewer (24%) Are Able To Explain Inclusion - CISION

Originally published:  September 20, 2017

Russell Reynolds Associates, a leading global executive search and leadership advisory firm, today announced the findings and recommendations from their survey, Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader's Guide. The study surveyed over 2,100 male and female executives around the world to understand how companies align around diversity and inclusion (D&I). The study examined how executives perceive their organization's D&I strategy and the barriers faced in executing it effectively. The study shows that the success of a D&I strategy is primarily dependent on committed leadership. The final results of the study provide actionable insights leaders can use to maximize the benefits a diverse workforce promises within their own organizations.

The study also reveals a need to elevate inclusion to the importance of diversity. Fewer than half (47%) of executives surveyed say that their organizations have a clear, holistic understanding of diversity, but the number drops even further when looking at inclusion. Just 24% of executives say they are aware of a definition of inclusion. Russell Reynolds Associates defines "inclusion" as the establishment of an environment that creates opportunities for all employees to realize their unique potential. An inclusive culture is what unleashes the power of diversity and instills a sense of belonging, which is the extent to which individuals feel they can be their authentic selves within the organization.