Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How America’s Companies are Working for (and Against) LGBTQ+ Rights - THE PRIDE LA

Originally published: September 17, 2017
Publisher: ThePrideLA.com 

Being out and LGBTQ+ in the workforce can present a fair share of slippery issues – and that’s just if you’re trying to get a job and keep it. Try to bring more inclusive attitudes and policies into the workforce and you’re facing a whole new battle. When it comes to knowing how labor works, most Americans are woefully under-informed. Sure, we know some of the companies that treat workers well (Goldman Sachs, Intuit, AT&T, and many tech sector corporations that partner often with LGBTQ+ organizations) and others that aren’t quite up to snuff (WalMart, Blue Apron, and other million-dollar food warehouses.) But how much do we know about the actual data when it comes to being queer in the workplace? Many out LGBTQ+ employees enter a job only to be unceremoniously exited out in a few years with minimal benefits and a few cold words about the company being “Christian” or “Family-focused.” Last week, we spoke about Judith Dominguez and her wife Patricia Martinez, whose health coverage was retroactively taken away due to her company’s “Christian” ethics. Dominguez’s case is more common than most of us might think, especially when it comes to companies that are spread across the middle of the country.

As a community, it’s time we started doing some of the actual research. Luckily, Joshua Levin, Co-founder and CSO of OpenInvest, along with the Human Rights Campaign, has already started doing some of the work.