Friday, September 22, 2017

It’s Time Society Stopped Portraying Millennials As The “Lazy” Or “Entitled” Generation - GIRLTALKHQ

by Debbie Wooldridge
Originally published: September 21, 2017

 Last year, I conducted an on-the-street poll to uncover whether people’s opinions about Millennials in the workplace had changed any, now that they have been an active part of the workplace for several years. Unbelievably, responses from all non-Millennials still labeled them as “selfish, “entitled” (the most common response), “lazy,” “addicted to technology,” “want instant gratification,” “no work ethic,” “no respect for authority” and “impatient.”

The Millennials I interviewed know exactly the value they bring and provided responses like: “fun,” “go-getters” and “innovative.”

Our oldest Millennials are now 35 and have been in the workforce for more than 15 years and yet are still misunderstood and maligned. Millennials, you still have a huge mountain to climb to overcome the stereotypes. How do you do it? Simple—dispel the myths and demonstrate the realities.