Friday, September 22, 2017

Mind the age gap at your firm - MONEY MARKETING

by Lisa Winnard 
Originally published: September 21, 2017

As our younger generations return to school, college and university, September is a time of the year when some of us older ones also consider going back to college; maybe to study a new course or add new skills to our toolkit; or go even further and completely retrain.

With the UK heading for skills shortages by 2020, our nation’s ageing demographic compounds the challenge we face. There are currently 11 million people aged over 65 in the UK and this is expected to grow to 19 million by 2050. This will greatly impact the economy and workplace, with businesses facing a recruitment black hole of 7.5 million  people and more jobs than younger people to fill them. The impact of Brexit could exacerbate this problem further.