Friday, September 8, 2017

Rashida Jones On Why Diversity In Beauty Is More Important Than Ever - REFINERY 29

Originally published:  September 7, 2017

First came Harvard. Then came The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Claws. Now, Rashida Jones is wearing an entirely new hat for her next phase of world domination — and it comes by way of beauty. More specifically: a refreshingly honest, witty Almay campaign about inclusivity in these trying times, which (no surprise here) she wrote and co-created.

Why now? Well, let's set the scene: The daughter of a famous interracial couple (back when, by her account, that was "new for Hollywood"), Jones didn't grow up seeing a lot of people like her. 

"Representation changes things," she tells R29 exclusively. "Being a woman of color today, there's an opportunity to show the spectrum of what that means. Whether you're silly, smart, serious, bad, good, flawed — the more representation there is, the less likely that anybody can associate something specific with one race. There is power behind diversity."