Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why Every Queer Person Should Become An Entrepreneur - FORBES

by John Schneider and David Auten
Originally published: September 19, 2017

If you’re LGBTQ, there are two reasons why you need to become an entrepreneur. The first is that 80% of millionaires are first-generation millionaires and one-third of them, a plurality, are millionaires because they’re successful entrepreneurs. Thus, unless you were born or married into money, the only way to achieve millionaire-status is to embrace entrepreneurship.

The second reason to become a queer entrepreneur is more altruistic than the first. We need more queer leaders in both the private and public sectors. Many people are talking these days about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Most of those discussions are being led by those who aren’t queer and haven’t had the experiences and challenges we in our community have had.