Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Women feel less able to make themselves heard at work than men, study finds - CIPD

by Marianne Calnan 
Originally published: September 11, 2017
Publisher: CIPD.co.uk 

Expert urges employers to do more to listen to all staff – not just the ‘alpha males’

Women feel less able to speak up in the workplace than their male counterparts, a new study has found.

Just 8 per cent of women, in comparison to 15 per cent of men, said they found it easy to make their voice heard in the workplace. The women surveyed were also 60 per cent more likely than men to say they never felt comfortable expressing themselves in a work environment – 3.7 per cent of women compared to 2.2 per cent of men.

The research from RADA in Business – a subsidiary of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – revealed that, of the 1,000 business people who took part in the study, female respondents were 33 per cent more likely to feel uncomfortable in meetings with their manager than their male counterparts, and 12 per cent more likely to feel uncomfortable meeting with an organisation’s board members or senior management.