Friday, September 8, 2017

Women In Business: The Tip Of The Gender Bias Iceberg - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Caroline Turner
Originally published: September 6, 2017

Given the ugliness at the lower levels, should those above water and at the top just shut up and be grateful? I think not.

I have spent well over a decade focused on the progress of corporate women – how far women have come, how far they have yet to go, and why progress has been so slow. While there are lots of thoughts on the “why” question, at the root, it is unconscious gender bias. I believe that confronting unconscious bias in the workplace is a worthwhile mission. I also know that there are more serious or compelling issues facing women (and other groups) in the U.S. and globally.

The unconscious bias facing women in the business world is just one of the many faces of gender bias. And it is clearly not its ugliest. If this issue were an iceberg, what I have been working on (getting more women CEOs, senior executives, and successful entrepreneurs) is at the tippy top. What’s below?