Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Yelp meets diversity hiring challenge with data - HR DIVE

by Valerie Bolden-Barrett
Originally published:  September 25, 2017
Publisher: HRDive.com 

Dive Brief:

  • Yelp has a data-driven strategy for increasing diversity hiring in the technology industry, Harvard Business Review (HBR) reports. Yelp's approach isn​'t a "silver bullet" for diversity hiring in the industry; rather, the company examines which strategies were successful and creates a database of results all tech firms can use in their own recruitment efforts.|
  • According to HBR, Yelp's leaders considered a number of ways to diversify its staff, including mixing genders on hiring committees, disguising voices in interviews and expanding college campus recruiting to attract black, female and Hispanic students, with both positive and negative results.
  • In 2014, Yelp released its diversity hiring results among engineers: women made up 10% of its engineering hires, while Hispanics and black made up 7% and 4% respectively, according to HBR. Other tech firms had similar figures. Yelp has concluded that diversity hiring strategies in the tech industry should be openly shared among the industry's firms and evaluated for their effectiveness.