Monday, October 2, 2017

Body Image Documentary 'Straight/Curve' Is Starting Important Conversations About Diversity In Media - BUSTLE

Originally published: October 1, 2017

Not long into the start of body image documentary Straight/Curve, we see a group of high school students flicking through glossy magazines. They are each asked to choose an image of "beauty," as defined by American culture: An image of the kind of beauty they feel they are supposed to embody.

One by one, we see their selections. The models and celebrities the students choose are all thin and white. As one young man in the group holds up his pick, we also see a tanned, muscular male model. It's jarring to watch — and a reminder of how far media still has to go.

"Some of the most powerful moments in the film for me are the high school students discussing their body image issues," Straight/Curve director Jenny McQuaile tells Bustle. "These people are our future and it's vital we bring the message of Straight/Curve to them now."