Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Over One-Third of Women Say Managers Don't Address Disrespectful Behavior Toward Women. And That's Your Fault. - ENTREPRENEUR

by Heather Huhman 
Originally published: November 27, 2017
Publisher: Entrepreneur.com 

Given the intense news events of the past few weeks, it's clear that gender inequality remains a major obstacle women for in the workplace.

While many employers have tried to make improvements, change isn't coming fast enough. For this reason, Lean In and McKinsey & Company, in October, released the 2017 Women in the Workplace annual report to give leaders better insight into the problem.

The report unveils one particularly interesting overlooked area: strategies for empowering managers to drive change. Many executives think that if they unveil a gender equality policy, improvement will naturally follow. But, the report's creators found that managers are failing in this area in multiple ways.