Wednesday, December 6, 2017

To Solve the Diversity Drought in Software Engineering, Look to Community Colleges - MOTHERBOARD

by Michael Byrne 
Originally published: December 4, 2017

Like precisely 100 percent of developers and programmers I have an opinion on coding bootcamps, a faddish alternative education model where participants learn specific real-world skills via concentrated coursework in usually in-personal classrooms. It’s a very expensive model, one in which students can easily spend five figures on even not very flashy programs. My opinion is pretty simple: You can do that and it may well get you a web development job that is a lot like other web development jobs, but you should at least consider community college.

Community college is not flashy and does not make promises about your future employability. You will also likely not learn current way-cool web development technologies like React and GraphQL. In terms of projects, you’re more likely to build software for organizing a professor’s DVD or textbook collection than you are responsive web apps. I would tell you that all of this is OK because in community college computer science classes you’re learning fundamentals, broad concepts like data structures, algorithmic complexity, and object-oriented programming.